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At Tippecanoe Online Academy, we are committed to providing personalized academic planning services to ensure that every student's journey is purposeful, engaging, and tailored to their unique goals. Our Academic Planning services are designed to guide students through a comprehensive understanding of their academic pathways, supporting them in making informed decisions about their education and future.

Personalized Guidance:

Our dedicated Enrollment Specialist and Learning Success Coaches collaborate to provide personalized guidance. From course selection to post-secondary planning, we're here for every step of the academic journey.

Indiana Graduation Pathways:

Understanding Indiana's graduation requirements is crucial. We assist students in navigating the Graduation Pathways, ensuring they meet all criteria for a successful academic career.

College and Career Readiness:

Tailored support for juniors and seniors includes in-depth discussions about post-secondary options, application processes, scholarship opportunities, and career exploration.

Academic Planning by Grade Level

We believe that informed academic planning is the cornerstone of a successful education. Our team is dedicated to empowering students to make confident choices about their future.

For more detailed information or to start your academic planning journey, contact us today.

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